Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The really bad week!

What a week I had last week. Saturday Oct. 11 I got an abscess tooth and was in PAIN. On Sunday half through Church I decided to go get meds. The Dr. gave me Amoxicillin but nothing for PAIN! Monday Steve is out of the office so still PAIN! Tuseday the pain is getting better the 800 mg. Ibuprofen is working at last. Steve can see me on Thursday so I stick with the meds. Thursday I need a Root canal. Good shots no pain, shots where off PAIN! He only started the root canal I need to go back, I have a temp. filling. Friday not as much pain, Sat. pain is all gone. So things were going well and tonight I'm eating dinner and the whole back side of my tooth broke off. Looks like its time for a bridge. (boo hoo) Enough for the pitty party. Yesterday we had a beautiful day Wendy's kids didn't have school so we went to the zoo. What a georgous day. We took our jackets and didn't even need them. The animals were so active I must always go when it is hot and they are all laying around. They came right up to the windows the Kids had a ball.


For FRANKS Sake said...

:( I hope your tooth is feeling better soon!

Annika said...

how do you get the pictures on the one side? I like that.
The sewing machine is working great, am still waitning for fabric for the dresses, but have been heming trousers in the meantime...thanks again for letting me use it
Hope your tooth is better!