Saturday, October 4, 2008

Today we have Rain, Rain, Rain.It was such a beautiful day yesterday and I'm afraid we missed our chance to see all the leaves. They will probaly all fall off the trees tonight. Work was very slow today not many people came in. I have been selling snow throwers like it was snowing instead of 85 degrees for the last two weeks. Today No one. On Thursday I went to dinner with friends We go once a month. It was such a nice night although to many of them couldn't make it but those of us that were there had a great time. We used to play bonco once a month but to many of the ladys droped out and we couldn't play any more. Well since it is Confrence wekend there is no church tomorrow.We will listen to Confrence in the morning and then if it's not raining we'll go to Big Cottonwood Canyon for a picnic and to listen to the last session around the campfire. I hope it's a nice day.

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