Monday, September 21, 2009

I need a Vacation from my Vacation!

I just always want to do it all. The first Fri in Sept. I went to Swiss Days in Midway with Jill and her niece Heidi we had a great day but It was soooo Hot. Now that I have been there I don't think I will have to go back. but I do love a good craft fair.
The Week of Labor Day Is the Blackfoot fair and of corse we havn't missed one in the last 12 years so on the 9th of Sept. we (Cheryl, Aunt Kathleen, All the kids and I ) took off to the fair for the day. We had to see everything. I took C.J. with me He was such a good boy. I wanted to take Wendy"s boys but they are going hunting this week and have to miss scool for that so couldn't miss a day for the fair. It Is a very long drive to Blackfoot and back in one day. I was so tired. Dad took us to Dinner and we didn't leave Blackfoot until 8:30pm. almost as soon as we got in the car the kids fell asleep and I had to just sing along to the radio all the way home to keep me awake.
I had taken the next week off from work for vacation even though I hadn't been back for more than a week and a half. Sat. Jill and I went on a mini road trip up to Ogden and all parts inbetween to find quilt and craft stores. We found one I love in Fruitheights, Secret Haven if you get the chance you ought to check it out.
Sunday Brent and I went up to Snowbird and stayed in a condo that Barb was so nice to let us come and stay with her in. Brent went home but I didn't leave until Thursday. We had a good time Cheryl brought her kids up every night to swim because they had school they had to go home at night. We had Rylee's birthday in the Condo.
I got home Thursday afternoon but had an invitation to Sweet Sadie craft show that night so of corse I had to go. Jill and I drove down there to see what they had, even though we knew her sister Dixie and her girls would be down the next day and we would have to go again.
Fri. we hit Secret Haven again to go meet Dixie on her way down from Malad. We all went to lunch and then It was off to the Bohemian Rapesody a craft show in a back yard. They had so many cute things. then down to Sweet Sadie and then to Roberts to buy things to make some of the stuff we saw at Sweet Sadie.
Sat. After Breakfast at IHOP we were back to Sweet Sadie to exchange some things and then to the 9th and 9th Fair I had no idea that all those cute shops were on 9th and 9th but their craft fair was amazing. They close off the street and have a jazz band playing and all kinds fo things going on. By then we were worn out the Malad people went home and Jill and I went to the fabric shop where I bought fabric to make some cute skirts we saw at 9th and 9th.
Sunday was my niece Heather's Wedding and what a Party she had. She must have had the best DJ ever and he kept the party going all night. We all had a ball.
Well thats what hapens when you get stuck in the house for half the summer recoperating you feel like you have missed so much that you have to fit the whold summer living into just a few days. This has been the most interesting Summer ever Mountain climbing, a few trips to the Zoo, A few Days in the Hospital, A Son home after 7 months away, Several weeks in the Hose getting over sergery, A Son's wedding, A trip to Blackfoot, Catching every Craft fair I can make it to, A niece getting Married, now All I need is a little REST and RELAXATION!


dfrank said...

The only thing missing this summer was ME!!!!!!

Jill said...

Dawn you are right , Where were you ? YOu would not of had room for the things you would of bought in your suit case. We are still going so come on down don't miss the next one. I am worn right out but ready to go this afternoon. Tina your blog is darling . Love those quilts.