Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Fun Day

I find that if you Cram all your Fun in to one day then you don't have to do it again for at least another month or so. After Church we went with the kids to the aquarium. What a neat place I highly recommend it. we spent hours looking at the fish. We ended the day at Grandpa Warren's for Ice cream and cake to celebrate the March and February Birthdays. Since we got there an hour early we went on a walk by the Jordan River. Of coarse ending at the park where all the little ones could play. We had a very busy day C.J. was still going strong when he left here at 11:00 and I think Wendy's boys will fall asleep in school tomorrow.
I have been so busy sewing baby blankets bibs and burp cloths and we are not having any baby's in our family for awhile as far as I know. My friend Dawn sent me the blanket pattern and they are so much fun to make that I taught my friend Jill how to make them and then we taught a class in church on how to make them. All the Grandma's and soon to be Grandma's came to the class and we have all had our sewing machines going overtime since then. I go to church and people bring there blankets to show us or they tell us how many they have made so far. I don't think there will be a shortage of baby blankets around the Fox Hills ward for a long time.
I can't wait for the Spring to come this year it seems like it is taking it's sweet time but today was beautiful It was so nice to be with family and the weather was warm What more could anyone want.

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