Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Branding in Lebarge

Well here it is that time of year again. even though the Weather was COLD and COLDER the cows had to be branded so we all loaded up our long johns and headed to Labarge Wyoming for the show. I must say that the older ones of us are not much help but have such a good time that we wouldn't miss it for the world. The Morning started out with snow and we thought for sure it would be cancled but around 10:00 the clouds broke and they got under way. One herd was done before It started to rain. You can't brand in the rain because the brand wont set. So they took a break for lunch. After lunch almost everyone left but the weather broke and they did another herd before the rain started again. We had a fun time and are thankful for the hospitality of the Jones Family.

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Jill said...

you have fun family things going on all the time. You are very blessed... i am excited for the quilt show tomorrow.