Friday, May 22, 2009

Love Quilting.

I have been sewing like crazy but not geting much quilting done lately. Afew weeks ago my friend Jill and I went to Sweet Sadies and saw some skirts for little girls there we thought were cute. We looked at them and thought we can make that, so we came home and made one and one thing turned to another and next thing you know we were teaching a class in Relief Society on how to make them. Then my daughter Lori wanted some for her friends little girl and I wanted to make some for Rylee Cheryl's daughter so I have been spending all my sewing time making little girl's reversable skirts and I only have grandsons. I have many quilts ready to go to the quilter. I send them to Pasco Washington with Jill when she goes and her daughter inlaw does a beautiful job. So my big project this week has been gardening. I realy need to get the tomatoes in fast. Yesterday I spent most of the day planting in the front yard. I remember why I quit planting Dahlias because the snails eat them. I no sooner got them planted than the snails came out to get them. I had to go buy snail killer and I hate to do that. I'm afraid the birds will eat the snails. Well I pulled up half of my front yard and am going to start over so It's a big project. I hope I get it done before It is too Hot. I wish I could just quit working and get the things done that I want to do.

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Barbara said...

Love both quilts but the Star one is especially cute. How do you do it all. Work, Gardening Sewing and Grandkids. What amazing friends I have.