Sunday, June 28, 2009

To Market to market part 2

Well Jill made it back from Malad and to my suprise I did quite well. I was shocked that it is the more expensive things that sold at the booth and not the little things. Live and learn. I sold 6 skirts and that was a suprise, also two table runners that I threw in at the last min. one was cute but the other all though it was cute I did an awful job on the quilting that was a shock. I sold all of my little girl bibs but only one little boy bib. Every one is shoping for cute girl things I guess. Any how I was pleased with how everything turned out.


Tyler, Alycia and Ella said...

Sounds like you did great! That's awesome! The bib you made Ella is one of my favorites, I think hers too because she loves to pull the flower off and stick it in her mouth. Mom's excited to come down and visit you!!!

For FRANKS Sake said...

Super cute! I still have the blanket you made for Trenton,
11 1/2 year ago. Love it.