Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just Rambling

Well It has been forever since I have bloged, I hope I can remember how to do it. We had a fun Fall and a Nice Christmas. Things didn't go as smoothly as planed but there is always next year. I worked more than I wanted to and I hurt my back and was down for a few days. I'm not going to talk about all my aches and pains though it just makes me mad at my body.
We found out that Alex will be going to Iraq in June. He will be at an Air base outside of Bagdad. We have heard this is a pretty safe area.
We have had many sleep overs over the holidays with our four little boys. We enjoy them so much and can't believe how much they are growing. C.J. wants a bubble bath as soon as he comes over we try to stall him but he won't give up. Kaden will we 12 in Feb. he is almost taller than his mom. Carter just turned 9 and wanted Grandma to get him a pogo stick for his birthday. I told him I would and he asked his mom over and over do you think Grandma will get me a pogo stick? Carson is 7 and he is the baby sitter he loves C.J. and wants to take care of him all the time.
I hope we get some snow soon and clean this stinking air out of the valley and help with the water situation, but I am so ready for Spring, and hopeing for just one pain free night.

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