Sunday, July 18, 2010

Alex Leaves for Iraq, Mom Cries.

Our life could not get any more hectic, It seems I have run from one thing to another all Summer. I guess that is what keeps us young.
Our Air Conditioning went out last fall so we had to replace it and the furnace this year. I wouldn't be satisfied until I got several bids because I was raised by my Dad. That took me a long time but I think we got a very good deal.
Dad turned 85 in June and he wanted to go camping in Wyoming so we all went to Nathan's family ranch for a wonderful family trip. Fun times They took garbage can and heated it over the fire then the boys took a bath I thought they were so cute.
We left the ranch just in time to get home and have family pictures taken and celebrate Fathers Day.
Next weekend it was a good bye party for Alex on Friday and Taylorsville Days on Saturday With all the music and fireworks. Great fun for the kids. Sunday Was a Sad, Sad day we went to the National Guard Airport and said good bye to Alex He left for Iraq. It's so hard to see your children leave.
Tye and Marshall took off our roof and put a new one on the next week they didn't have any work and wanted to do it before they left. Then I had new rain gutters put on the house ( only two bids)
I had to work over the 4th of July weekend because I had taken so many days off but we did have a fun BBQ with Wendy and her family and then watch the boys fireworks after dinner.
Monday Tye and Marshall left to do a job in North Dakoda they will be gone for a few months.
Jennifer is adopting a baby so the next week the birth Mother went into labor about 6 weeks early. They got it stoped and were just hopeing she would make it another week. She has almost made it two weeks now.
So on Lori's Birthday the 12th we went over to Jennifer's house and painted her nursery. The next night we took the Girls and Wendy's Family out to celebrate their Birthdays And then I had to get sewing because we thought this baby would come and have no blankets.
We took C.J. to see Toy Story 3 on Friday and on Saturday I woke up with such a cough I hope C.J. doesn't get sick.
Saturday was Annika's wedding open house for her friends in Utah It was in a beautiful yard and Annika and Aaron looked so happy.
In the next two weeks we have the Tye family Campout and have to get a room ready for our Niece Ellen to come and stay with us for the next year. I thought the older you got the more life slowed down. OH WELL CONSIDER THE ALTERNATIVE!

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