Monday, May 17, 2010

Plenty of pictures but no post.

I have put a bunch of new pictures on my blog and had every intention to blog about them weeks ago but one thing leads to another and I didn't get around to it.
I had the 31st aniversary of my 29 th Birthday and my kids gave me a party That was fun.
We went to the Zoo one day and that was fun. Now little C.J. keeps asking me to take him to the zoo every time I see him.
We took the Grandsons up to Wyoming to brand the Cows and that was way fun. I think they had a good time even though there is no T.V. Some of us that were not in a big hurry to get back to the ranch saw a moose. The kids realy liked that.
Nathan's brother inlaw made a huge Ship that is going to be used in a movie and when they were done with it he got to keep the ship. What a fun house that is to visit. He also has a space ship and a Flintstone car it's made on an old jeep body so it runs.
I got new quilts back and I even got them bound before the week was out, I'm doing good.
Brent went back to work 40 hrs a week and my work has picked up so thats good.
Brent was made the executive secretary in our ward yesterday so I will never see him again. (not so good ) but I look forward to at least one night a week to my self and thats good.
We had a fun Mothers day BBQ at Jennifer's and I didn't get any pictures.
Oh and Annika got married so Gary and Lena came over from Sweden for that It was fun to see them again.
Very good news is that it looks like Jennifer and Trevor will get a new baby in Aug. It's another boy that will be 5 grand sons so we are holding out hope for Alex and Megan who will have a baby in Oct. we don't know what yet.
And very Sad news Alex will be sent to Bagdad in June he may not be here for the baby's birth.
I try not to think about it but it has come up awful fast.
Well that is about all we have been doing I swear I'm going to post more often. I'm not checking my spelling because it is so late I'm falling to sleep.

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