Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fun Camping trip with the Tye Family.

I had such a good time at camp this year! Maybe because last year I had sergery and didn't get to go, and maybe because I so needed to get away.
This has been such a busy year with everything we have been doing to our house and work I was over due for a get away. It was short but sweet. We had a lot of fun at Lilly Lake with the kids and a little boat they enjoyed the water. It was so cold I had to move into the sun to keep warm.
All the Grand kids and Great Grand kids went to the river and made a little damn so they could have a better swimming hole by the time they got done it was time to go back to camp and no one got to swim in it much. We told the kids we would hurry and eat dinner then go on a ride to find a Moose. It's a good thing we found one after an hour car ride. I just love to see the Moose.
We went on a few walks and then just sat and chilled. There is a place called fairyland in another campground so the kids all painted a rock and then we took them over to make the Tye place in the fairy garden.
Thank you Dad we Sure Had Fun!


dfrank said...

What a beautiful family picture! Tina, you look awesome. Love and miss you, next summer for sure. Just got home from Scottsdale and Boise. Was going to come home tomorrow, but change of plans. I'm so glad to be home, but the trip was so worth it.

Jill said...

count your blessings, you have a beautful family and they are so all delightful, how blessed you have your dad with you to enjoy all these little blessings. I cherish your friendshp .. love ya too peices...